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Chalice Island

The rebirth of the Dark Shadows

style Gothic Horror


Jacqueline's capacity to love is only exceeded by her need for vengeance after she finds her mother raped and murdered. When a source of evil offers both her and her brother the means to gain revenge, she enthusiastically embraces the dark arts. After 150 years of blood sacrifices, she meets Morgan. His love heals her old wounds. Hiding the chalice she breaks the cycle of blood. Knowing the retribution she will face, Jacqueline and Morgan escape. Decades later, they are found by the evil one who created her Jacqueline is forced to chose. If she returns the chalice to save her son, she will release the evil. If she uses her power, she forfeits the grace she earned, erasing Morgan and her family. In breaking the cycle of blood, Jacqueline is forced to chose between cursing her son and releasing an ancient evil.

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Characters ages 10-50

Original Dark Shadows Actors

Millie 10 years old

Magical elf incarnate

For as long as she could remember, two women watched over her. Although they never spoke, she felt saved and loved in their presence. The only other person who gave her that sense of security was her grandmother. Although she and her parents fiercely loved each other there was always a mismatch. They were never a united family unit. With her grandparents, she could let her guard down to speak her truth and be just a child. However, her spiritual gifts/abilities came from both sides of her family. Her paternal grandfather taught her the stories of her Native American heritage. Through him, she learned to see the signs in nature and how to listen to the wind to find answers. With him, she was wild and free to follow her inquisitive nature which frequently pushed the limits

Louis 13 years old

Teenage Macgyver who loves to take them apart and put them back together in new ways.

A visual learner, he instinctively knows how things work. He understands the logical patterns of how things fit together. Much to his family's dismay, he starting taking things apart at an early age to see what was on the inside. Although his father would like him to follow his path and work at the family business, he banned him indefinitely from buildings for taking the equipment apart. Jon understood that aspect of him and helped him channel it in constructive ways, including restoring the old cottage. Playing music, specifically base, lights him up from the inside out. He considers himself a combination of James Jamerson, Paul McCartney, and Aston Barrett. His goal is to combine his two loves by revolutionizing the music industry, He just isn't sure how he will do it

Julia Late teen/early 20

Combination Gidget and Hanna Montana,


Julia is always up for an adventure or challenge. Currently attending a college, she is studying to be a veterinarian. She plans to combine her skills and her love of nature to help wildlife as well as domestic animals. Music remains her passion. She plays piano, guitar, and sings. She belongs to a rock band. The other band members will be reoccurring characters in the same age range. Yet her goal is to join the family veterinarian practice and to be the vet on call for the local wildlife groups.

Jonathan: mid to late 20s

A geeky Hans Solo.

A mathematical genius he didn't understand why his parents destroyed the scholarship opportunity to an Ivy League university or why they kept him confined to the Reservation. Although it was a large cage, he still saw the reservation as a prison. No matter how well he plotted and planned his escape, something or someone always stopped him. Working with the wild horses kept his rage under control, but it was only banking the fire. Learning the truth about his parents fanned the flames into an out of control blaze that made him self-destructive and vulnerable to the vampire's attack. Davy taking him to Chalice Island changed his location, but he is not really free.

Constance Mid to late 20s

Passionate, loving, feisty, and opinionated, she is Mother Nature incarnated.

Growing up in the world of magic, Constance comes from long lines of both black and white magic. She knows how to both heal and to kill. Her psychic gifts include remote viewing and the manipulation of energy in such a way that she can influence the physical world. Ignoring her grandmother, Marie's warning, her parents worked with David Hamilton to challenged Frank's power. They lost and were killed. Badly injured, David was able to escape, He left Chalice Island, to heal and to find a way to defeat Frank. Marie blames David and the Hamilton family for the death of her daughter. Constance senses there is more to the story. She believes that Cody, not the Hamilton family, betrayed her parents. When Frank brings Jonathan to her grandmother for healing and safekeeping, Constance finds him very sexually appealing, yet she also sees him as the means of finishing what her parents started.

Bailey 60+ woman

A lighthouse on a long stormy night.

Bailey is a woman, who remains a beacon of hope, in spite of the chaos around her. When Jackson arrived on the island to visit his sister, Bailey fell in love with his snarky off the cuff humor and unique vision of the world. He helped her see beyond Chalice Island's shores where they could live a Bohemian life. Jackson wrote the music that made the world magically dance around them. Bailey enchanted the audience with her singing. When Jackson asked her to leave with him, she eagerly agreed. However, when Frank met her instead of Jackson, she was devastated. Convincing her that Jackson had abandoned her, Frank enchanted her into marrying him. Although music continued to bring her great comfort during challenging times, she released the dream. After her mother's death, she focused her energy on taking over as CEO of the business and becoming head of the Hamilton family. Although in most aspects of her life, Bailey was a strong, independent woman, Frank maintained control over her until Jackson returned. He freed her from Frank's control. Reclaiming their love and the life they should have shared, they will hold Frank accountable.

Jacqueline 60+ woman

Melanie becomes Scarlet.

Born before the Civil War, Jacqueline and her brother, Jackson lived a blessed life. Sheltered by their loving parents, Dr. George and Mildred Mitchellson, they enjoyed the benefits of being related to the Hamilton and Cornwall families, but without the hoopla and political entanglements. When Alberto showed Jacqueline and Jackson their mother's body, their grief pushed them past reason into a primordial rage, which Frank used to manipulate them into serving the ancient evil. For nearly 150 years, they used the blood of others to maintain their power and youth. In 1970, it was Jacqueline's turn to remain behind to guard the chalice and keep control over the family interests. Restoring her parents' home helped her heal and reclaim the best of herself. When Morgan entered her life, she found the same kind of love her parents cherished. Morgan's love freed her from Alberto's control, but not from the guilt. Determined to stop the evil, she stole the chalice that was necessary for the blood rituals to continue and hid it in the one place Alberto could not go. Knowing the wrath that would follow, she and Morgan ran for their lives. They found sanctuary on Native American holy ground. As long as she relinquished her dark powers, they would be safe and protected.

Jacqueline knew it wasn't over. Her fears were confirmed when her daughter and her friends disappeared. They saved Susanne and remove the memories, but Jacqueline became obsessively over-protective, especially of her son. Her stifling protectiveness made her son vulnerable to the vampire that was sent to bring him to Chalice Island. Jacqueline and Morgan return to Chalice Island to find that not only hasn't the past has not been forgotten, but the evil had once again claimed the island. If she refuses to return the chalice, he will become a vampire. If she uses her power to save him, she will forfeit her grace and destroy her family. But Jacqueline finds a third option that would save everyone but herself.

Morgan 60+ man

A courageous genius

Born to a family of wealth and regional power, Morgan entered the university at the age of 16. Although he officially majored in Botany, he was on the Pre-Med fast track until he was drafted. He refused to use the family connections or the student deferment. Instead, he served two tours as an Army medic attached to a Green Beret unit. Returning home, he intended to play until returning to the university for the Fall term. His plans change the afternoon he went riding and saw Jacqueline organizing the workmen to restore the old Mitchellson cottage. He found her tantalizing and confusing. The more she rejected him, the more determined he became to know her. By the time, he learned her secret, he loved her too much to care. Without hesitation, he left everything behind and disappeared with her. Together they started a new life on the Reservation. Although he had to give up his dream of becoming a doctor, he continued to help others as a paramedic. When he retired, he began working with a Shaman, researching herbs to find more effective and safer alternatives to big pharma drugs.

Davy Mid to late 20 woman

Naive child in a woman's body, claiming the life of what could have been

When Frank sent Cody to bring Jonathan to Chalice Island, he temporarily turned her much into a younger version of herself. As an incentive to gain her help, Jackson separated Cody and Davy, making the younger woman real. The vampire curse was transferred to Davy. It would remain dormant in Davy for as long as she didn't give in to the blood lust. Davy retains all of Cody's memories and knowledge, but without any of the life experience that when with it. She has been imprinted with all of Cody's dreams, wishes, and fantasies of how their life together would have unfolded if Cody hadn't miscarried her; to Davy, they are the reality of her life. She has a child's wonder of the new world she finds herself in, but none of her emotional stability and discipline that she would have learned along the way. To retain control over Cody and Davy, Frank magically forces Davy to give in to the blood lust. But when she goes to claim Jonathan, she learns she had a rival. Satisfying herself with the blood of another, Davy vows to reclaim what belongs to her and destroy anyone who stands in her way.


Deputy Walt Carter Late 20's-30s (Reoccurring)


Good guy who is way over his head.


A main-lander with no apparent ties to Chalice Island. After serving as a Marine, he heard about the deputy sheriff's job through a series of coincidences. He is a hero with ghosts in his head and skeletons in his closet.

Cheryl Hamilton Mid-late 40 woman

Intuitive Dr. Doolittle.

Born on Chalice Island, Cheryl can't remember a time when Joshua wasn't in her life. They met in Kindergarten when he threw sand on her; she responded by giving him a black eye and bloody nose. They became frienemies until Senior prom when their dates took off with each other, leaving Cheryl and Joshua to be third wheels, leave, or become each other's date. By the last dance, they had embraced the love they had been running from since childhood. Like her father, Cheryl had chosen veterinary medicine as her life path. Accepted at her father's alma mater, Cheryl move out to California. During the school year, she lived with her grandparents. During summer break, she traveled the country, working with wildlife advocacy groups. Her residency with PETA was cut short when her father suffered a heart attack. She returned to Chalice Island to finish her residency with his partner and to help care for her father. Although her father recovered and returned to the practice, Cheryl remained. Two months later, Joshua returned from working at the London office. They quickly resumed their relationship and were married six months later. Living at Hamilton Manor, she quickly became friends with Jon through their common interest in the horses. Together they turned the stables into a rescue sanctuary for those who were neglected and abused. However, she had mixed feeling about Jon and Bailey encouraging both her children's musical aspirations. Her medical training quickly made her a valuable member of the team, investigating the vampire attacks.

Cody Mid to late 40s

Self-wounded soul

Born on the mainland, Cody summered on Chalice Island with her grandfather Simon Alexander. It was through him that she met Joshua Hamilton. They dated that summer, but it was his father, David, that she wanted The much older man had little interest in the teenager, who was a year younger than his son. Yet she still daydreamed of him falling in love with her; they would marry and she would become mistress the of Hamilton Manor. By the next summer, she was determined to have him and she professed her love for him. He rejected her. To further his own agenda, Frank agreed to help her magically seduced him. Cody became pregnant. She was ecstatic. David would have to marry her. Again, he rejected her. Furious, Cody blames Joshua and attacks him David saves his son, In the struggle, Cody falls and miscarries. She accuses David of rape and attempted murder. David flees, leaving the family to deal with Cody. Using a combination of shame, bullying, and bribery, Cody leaves the island to finish her education abroad. But in her despair, Cody can't let her daughter go. In her fantasies, she creates their lives together. Plotting her revenge against David and the Hamilton family becomes her sole reason for living. When Frank reaches out to her and she returns to Chalice Island. In exchange for her convincing her grandfather to tell her the location of Jacqueline and Morgan, he gives her the financial means to buy the Whaler Inn. However, when she can't convince Simon to reveal where they are, Frank turns Cody into a vampire and arranges for her grandfather to be her first meal. Through him, they find Jacqueline.

Kathryn 60+ woman

Determined to take back what belongs to her

Born in a small town, Kathryn fought against stereotypes and economics to earn an MBA from an Ivy League university. Junior year she met and fell in love with Jon Cornwall. After graduation, they married and moved to Chalice Island. Much to the dismay of her new mother-in-law, Kathryn accepted the position in the marketing department at Hamilton-Cornwall. Their repeated escalating battles kept the household in chaos. Kathryn throwing that she earned an MBA not an MRA in Elizabeth's face only served to inflame the situation. However, when Morgan returned and Elizabeth attempted to use him to break up their marriage. Kathryn had enough and forced Jon to chose. They moved off the island, only returning after Elizabeth's death six months later. Reluctantly, Kathryn agreed to stay and rejoin the Hamilton-Cornwall but only on her terms. Morgan had disappeared, leaving the family no other choice but to agree. Kathryn became the Marketing VP at Hamilton-Cornwall. Jon returned as CFO. Thus began the power struggle within the corporation. Kathryn gave birth to Jonathan George two years later. Many believed she would be stepping down. They underestimated her. Instead, she redoubled her efforts to be a major player in the company After a series of miscarriages one of which nearly killed her, Kathryn gave up on having the daughter they had both wanted. Three days after Jonathan left for college, Kathryn learned she was again pregnant. Determined to have a healthy child, she resigned. Born healthy and strong, Renee lived an indulged and protected life. Renee gave birth to Amanda the summer after she graduated from high school. Amanda lived with her grandparents until she was five. After she joined her mother and new husband, Kathryn forced her way back into Hamilton-Cornwall. Her return was short-lived. Framing Jon for embezzlement, Frank forced them both out of the company and off Chalice. An unexpected call from Bailey clearing Jon brought the back.

Jonathan married Lenora. They had four children. When the youngest graduated, he came out of the closet and married his long-time lover Dwayne. Enraged, Lenora took the children and left the island, vowing that none of them would ever return.

Renee married Samuel (an ethnically diverse man) They had three children together. Samuel adopted Amanda.

Marie Donaldson 60+ woman


Shirt-tail relation to the Hamilton family after the indentured servant, Keith Donaldson, gained his freedom from the contract by agreeing to marry Jackson and Lenora's disgraced daughter, Helena. Keith's history was rewritten Instead of a servant, Keith belonged to a noble house in France, who were allies of Lenora's family and the marriage was arranged The couple honeymooned in France with Lenora's family Only to return three years later with. their twin sons and Helena's shame carefully covered up. All was not forgive. Although they were given a comfortable cottage in which to live, yet never own, and a heritage stipend that allowed them to live comfortably, they were never treated better than the bastards at the family reunion. In the 1970's, Marie's daughter Kathy and her husband, Ralph, tried to force the family to acknowledge the family ties and claim a more equitable share of the Hamilton fortune. Frank manipulated both sides for his own benefit. When Kathy and Ralph found evidence that Helena had been forgiven and included in Jackson's will, they took it to Frank. Before they could present the evidence to the court, they were killed in an accident that was suspicious enough to force a settlement, but did not rise to the level of investigating the Hamilton family. Frank arranged for Donaldson heirs were given clear title to the cottage, ten acres, and a sizable one-time settlement. Still seeing Frank as an ally, Marie blame the Hamilton family and vowed revenge. As friemies with a common agenda, Marie and Frank worked together to keep the Hamilton family and business in constant chaos. By the time she became suspicious of Frank, she was in too deep and it was too late to turn back.

Elenore mid 40s to mid 50s

Auntie Mame in combat boots.

Born on Chalice Island, Elenore enlisted in the Marines after graduation. She served with distinction for 20 years in Supply and Logistics. She met and married a fellow Marine, Reginald Strzyzewski in Germany. The marriage ended in divorce when she refused to resign her commission after he received a dishonorable discharge. She reclaimed her surname Blackburn. A decade later, she met the love of her life, William (Billy) Smythe. Just short of their 20 years, they decided to wait to be married until after their retirement. They planned to start their new lives and new marriage at the same time. Her papers came down first and she returned to Chalice Island to wait the two months for Billy to join her. They were to be married and decide what their next move would be. Three weeks before his separation, Billy's plane went down. The details were classified. Elenore booked passage to his last post. Before she could leave her mother had a stroke. Elenore canceled her travel plans to help her recover. Six weeks, the later search was abruptly terminated. Neither the plane nor those on board were found. All were listed as MIA. Not knowing where to search, but certain that Billy would look for her on Chalice Island, Elenore stayed and took over for her mother as the house manager at Hamilton Manor. In her heart, she holds out hope that he is alive.

Susanna mid to late 40s

A woman of light in which shadows dwell.

Growing up on the Reservation, she knew no other life. Well protected and sheltered, she accepted her life without question. It wasn't a matter of privilege, but more of the reality that she was never alone. Someone always watched over her. Her wants and needs were anticipated and met. Rather than becoming spoiled, she became more compassionate, wanting to share that love and protection with others. Her choice of college initiated the first quarrel between her and her parents. They reluctantly agreed on the condition that she commute and live at home. Tension again increase when she applied to medical schools, which meant leaving the reservation. Reluctantly, her parents gave their blessing. In her second year, she met Joe Standing Rock. Nearly a decade older, Joe enlisted in the Navy. For the next three years, he was always around. Susanna graduated with honors The summer before she was to start her internship, Susanna and two friends planned a two-month camping and hiking adventure. They took off without telling anyone until they were on the road. Susanna didn't understand her parents' panic or Joe's insistence that he join them. She remembers laughing as she hung up. The next two months were blank. She woke up in a hospital. Her parents told her that she had been in a coma for weeks after a car accident. Her friends were dead. Throughout her recovery, Joe again became her constant companion. Two weeks after she was released, they married. Two years after she completed her internship and residency, Millie was born. The nightmares began and quickly turned into night terrors. The feeling of terror followed her into her waking hours, yet she had no conscious memory of what happened while she slept. Blaming Postpartum Depression, she tried the normal treatments. They failed. Afraid for Millie, they decided it would be best for her to stay with her grandparents. However, once they returned to the reservation, the night terrors immediately stopped. Susanna quit her job at the hospital and joined the staff of the reservation clinic. Although she missed the advantages of the large hospital, she found a sense of peace that she hadn't felt since before she left for college. What the clinic lacked the modern technologies, it makes up with its compassionate staff that used innovation and alternative medicines to restore healing and balance in their patients' lives. Help her father with his book, she used her research and lab expertise to understand the reasons why herbal remedies worked.

Jerry Paulson 60+ man

A legal beagle who hunts down the truth.

The Patterson family has been their legal representatives for Hamilton-Cornwall families generations. Born on the same day, Jerry and Bailey developed a relationship that was more akin to that of twins than distant cousins. With a long time running debate on who is actually older, they described themselves as being cosmic twins as they were hatched in different mothers. When Jerry married Courtney, Bailey stood with them in spite of the family's objection to her ethnic diversity. She knew that Courtney would spice up Jerry's life and keep him from becoming to "stodgy". However, Jerry fought against Bailey marrying Frank. Instinctively, he knew that there was something evil about him, but he was unable to prove it. Although it strained his relationship with Bailey, Jerry never stopped watching and investigating Frank. He was the primary moving force that cleared Jon of the embezzlement charges.

Jon 60+ man

Father Nature incarnate.

More at home working with the land and with tools, Jon would have preferred to restore the agricultural aspects of the family holdings. However, his mother convinced him that the family needed an accountant more than it needed a farmer. He considered it only time he was grateful to her meddling and manipulations for it was how he met the most beautiful woman in the world and the love of his life. From the first moment Kathryn and Jon met, they were each other's perfect yin and yang, but with opposite roles. While Kathryn was dynamic and aggressive, Jon instinctive and nurturing. Yet, without notice, they could switch roles as if they channeled each other's strengths. Working at Hamilton Cornwall remained a necessity rather than a passion. However, he took great pride in watching Kathryn outmaneuver and dominate the good old boys in the board room. His endless patience with the children made him the core support as a father, uncle, and later as a grandfather. His son came out to him first. Jon supported and smoothed way for him to come out to the rest of the family. He alone remained in contact with Lenora and the grandchildren. He kept his promise to Jacqueline to maintained the cottage until he realized that it put a target on his and his family. He walked away until Louis gave him an excuse to start the restoration. Their time together helped him fill the void left by his grandchildren. Soon after Cody returned, the vampire attacks began. Questions were raised and fingers were pointed. Jon started making a case against Frank. His investigation was cut short when he was accused of embezzlement. Frank told him if they both resigned and left the island, he wouldn't press charges. Being forced off the island had been a mixed blessing. He had been reunited with his grandchildren, but he had to leave behind those he had adopted. By the time, they returned old wounds had been healed enough for the family to reunite.

Alberto Stanford/Frank mid 40 becomes to mid 20's Frank starts in mid 20's ages to 60+

Self-serving conman searching for wealth and power.

Although France refused to take sides during the American Civil War, it sent envoys to the Confederacy to negotiate for cotton and tobacco. The fourth son to a nobleman, Alberto had few opportunities in France. In volunteering to go to American, Alberto sought to curry favor within his family and with the eldest daughter of a family with power and position. Sailing past Chalice Island, he listened intently to the legends of how the Hamilton and Cornwall families were both blessed and cursed when they disregarded the Native American warnings. By nearly releasing an ancient evil, the families bound themselves to the island, but it also gave them access to supernatural power. As long as at least one family lived on the island, the families were blessed and the entity remained imprisoned. Landing on the mainland, he disregarded his contract and went in search of more information about the Chalice Island entity. He reached out and bound himself to the entity. In exchange for killing the Hamilton and Cornwall families, Alberto would be given power. However, in the process, he learned that by corrupting instead of killing Jacqueline and Jackson, he was able to the positive magic that blessed the families. Through Alberto, the entity was able to leave the island for as long as the siblings rededicated every year and one remained on the island.

Joe Standing Rock 50 something Native American

Tribal warrior defends traditions and peace.

He loved his family, his culture, and his nation. However, to escape the poverty on the Rez, he enlisted in the Air Force. As a pilot, he served for nearly ten years. When an accident cost him his wings, he was forced to change the direction of his life. Using his computer and programming expertise, he changed his focus to cyber-security. During his rehabilitation, he updated and enhanced his computer skills with intensive training would give him the ability to re-up and immediately join the established anti-terrorist division. However, after a series of coincidences and a visit from his family elder, he signed his separation papers and returned to the reservation. The elder council assigns him to befriend and protect Susanna while she is off the reservation. Her ignorance of the truth made her a vulnerable target. After Susanna was kidnapped, the council decided the only way to keep control and protect the headstrong woman was for Joe to marry her. Joe reluctantly agreed. With the help of her parents' persuasion, she agreed and they were married two weeks after she was released from the hospital. He finished his Masters and PH.D. in Computer Engineering and Cyber Security Software Design, while she completed her internship and residency. Their relationship remained loving and respectful, yet it lacked passion. After Millie was born and Susanna's nightmares began, tension began growing between them as the evil that touched her took root and began to grow. The elders told him that the ancient evil could not be allowed to enter the world. Using her exhaustion as an excuse, he persuaded Susanna to let her parents care for Millie. She reluctantly agreed and they drove to the reservation. The plan was to stay a few days to help everyone adjust. On the way back to the city, they would have both been killed in an accident. However, the plans changed when after they arrived on the reservation the night terrors ended and the darkness withdrew. Susanna returned to her sweet, loving self and she was given a reprieve under the condition that she remained on the reservation. For the next eight years, she never left the reservation alone. When Joe followed them to Chalice Island, he didn't know what he would find or what he would be forced to do after he evaluated the situation.

Joshua mid-late 40s

Dramatically gallant yet determined feminist.

Joshua has no memory of his birth mother. She abandoned the family shortly after his birth. Although Bailey loved and cherished him as her own, he still missed his mother. Growing up the family answered his questions about her the best that they could; however, even after an exhaustive search, they had little to share beyond the 18 months she lived on the island. Selena Athen's disappearance as mysterious as her arrival. She left behind most of her clothing, a few pictures, and a puzzle box that no one had been able to open. During his childhood, Joshua believed that if he could learn its secrets, he would be able to find her. For over a decade, he tried to open it. The family neither encouraged nor discouraged. Instead, they allowed him to work through it until he quietly put it into storage with the rest of her things. However, on the day she disappeared, he continued to light a candle in her name. Although the family knows and Cheryl does her best to support him, his candle ceremony and the walk along the shore afterward remains his and his alone. The family remains the most important aspect of his life. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for them or to protect them. It is the basis of who he is and all he does.

David Hamilton 60+ looks late 40s early 50s

Doreen Gray

Selena Athens mysteriously appeared on Chalice Island early one spring. They met when he was drawn to a secluded beach. Although she was beautiful, David found himself both intrigued and frightened by her intensity. She was either always around like a conjoined twin or she would mysteriously disappear and reappear without notice. There was no middle ground. Several weeks after their first meeting, David was again drawn to the beach. Without forethought, he asked her to marry him. They eloped that night. When they returned to the island, she refused to move into Hamilton Manor. Instead, she insisted that they live in a small rented cottage near the beach. He was powerless to refuse her. Ten months later, Joshua was born. Two weeks later, Selena disappeared. David thought she would return as she had before. Six months later, he and Joshua moved into Hamilton Manor. The island gossiped. It was even money that he had either murdered her or she committed suicide. Over the years, he continued to be drawn to the beach, expecting her to be there. Once he imaged her watching him from the shore. But by the time, he crossed the distance, she was gone. As the years passed, she always stood between him and every other woman. He never trusted Frank. He worked with Jerry to expose Frank Together, they discovered a trail that led from Frank to Alberto. When he disappeared most people thought it was because of Cody's accusations. But that was just the excuse to follow the lead without making Frank suspicious. While away, he found someone, who kept him from returning. David returns after 25 years and hasn't aged a day.

Frank  starts in mid 20's ages to 60+

In 1971, Jacqueline broke the covenant and disappeared with Morgan. When Jackson also left, Alberto found himself trapped on the island. Accused of murder and black magic, he had no choice but to transform himself into the twenty-something Frank, Jacqueline and Jackson's distant cousin, Using his black magic, he manipulates the investigators and the evidence, Jacqueline and Jackson become the primary suspects in the ritualistic murders.. Instead of using their magic to clear themselves, Jacqueline steals the chalice and fakes her death. However, before Jackson and Bailey are also able to leave, Frank enchants her into loving and marrying him. Forced to leave alone, Jackson convicted in absentia for Jacqueline's and the other murders.

Facing the Evil entity's wraith, Frank makes a high-risk wager with it. If Frank brings Jacqueline to face its wrath, Frank will be absolved and Jacqueline will be held fully accountable. If he fails, Frank will face the punishment of all three. Enchanting Bailey, he forced her to marry him and began taking over Hamilton-Cornwall. Over the decades he learned that he didn't need to leave the island for his power to reach beyond the shore. As long as he maintained control over Bailey, he could use their family gifts and mundane connections for his own purposes. With time running out, he finally finds Jacqueline on an obscure Native American reservation. Unable to reach her directly, he sends his vampire to kidnap her son, knowing that Jacqueline would have no choice but to return.

Jackson 60+ man

Swashbuckling anti-hero

Restless and wild, Jackson kept looking for his place in the world. But like a piece from another puzzle, he never seemed to fit. When his father joined the Union Army, he went with him not because he believed in either side, but to continue his search. Working at the hospital with his father gave him a new perspective. He saw the very best and worst of humanity, but more importantly he saw his father not as a parent, but as a person who had compassion for the injured, no matter what uniform they wore. The older man's strength made him proud, yet ashamed of his own lack of direction. When the hospital took a direct hit, Jackson's only concern was finding his father. He found him beside a bedside, still trying to protect a patient. The last thing he remembered was his father turning around and screaming his name. When he regained consciousness, most of his arm was missing and his father was dead. Jackson returned home to recuperate and protect his family. But he was not alone. Alberto followed. Seeing his mother's body, it reawakened his guilt and pushed into a murderous rage. His father had sacrificed himself saving both Union and Confederate soldiers only to have one defile and murder the woman that he loved more than life. When Alberto offered him the means to gain revenge not only on the soldier he thought murdered his mother but on the whole Union Army, Jackson eagerly accepted. For nearly 150 years the world became his playground and everyone it merely toys for his amusement him. Meeting Bailey reminded him of who he used to be. She gave him back the missing pieces of himself. When Frank took her from him, he searched the world for the power to break Frank's control over her. With help from an unexpected source, he found what he needed only to be told that he to wait until all the players have returned to Chalice Island. Although he found watching and waiting frustrating, he uses the time to learn Frank's weaknesses and to make new allies. By the time Jacqueline and Morgan return to Chalice Island, he is ready to claim both his love and his revenge.

Paul Donaldson 60+ man

Ethically challenged rouge.

Growing up hearing the family stories of how their family branch had been cut off from the wealth and power, Paul envied and hated them. He stole what he could. He bullied the younger David Hamilton until Bailey broke his nose. When he tried to retaliate, Jerry broke his arm. His petty crime continued until he was drafted into the Army. He served two tours, becoming a world-class scrounge. If he couldn't find it, it couldn't be had. He briefly considered becoming a career soldier. But a battle-related injury and being caught in a compromising position with a Colonel's wife got him bounced out. His ventures gave him a sizable nest egg. His connections helped him find other opportunities not all of them were ethical or legal. He made connections between those who had and those who were in need. He only returned to Chalice Island to gloat or to hide. When a hostile takeover of a competitor goes bad, Paul is forced to seek refuge on the island. There is no love between Marie and Paul. But according to their parents' will, Marie cannot turn him away, but she does everything in her power to force him to leave. Arriving, Paul finds new opportunities, including partnering with Frank.

Sheriff Duane Patterson 60+ man


A loyal son who is determined to be judge and jury

As a teenager, he watched his father investigate the evil on the island. Believing he had found the source, he went to arrest David Hamilton only to disappear. Without a body, David Hamilton was never charged. His mother took him from the island, vowing never to return. After her death, Patterson returned and was hired as a deputy. He was determined to prove David murdered his father and that the rest of the family covered it up. Although David had already left the island before he returned, Patterson vowed to revenge his father's murder.

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