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Spirit of a Nation:

A reality TV series, which shares and explores the past, present, and future of horses.

Horses have pulled our wagons. They pulled our plows. They carried our soldiers as they defended our borders. They carried us across the country and helped build our nation. They represented wealth and poverty. They have been bred for strength, speed, and stamina. Their bloodlines have created international stars and have been a source of national pride. They have been healers and family pets. They have been a source of an enjoyment in film and television. They have created cultural ions and sub-cultures, which have spanned generations. They are a national treasure, whose spirit represents our nation's indomitable spirit and ability to overcome adversity.

By honoring the past, present, and future of horses, it will cross genres and combine the best elements of talk shows and documentaries. From celebrities to wildlife advocates, Spirit of a Nation will show the joys, challenges, and sometimes the heartache of loving horses, while showcasing individuals, organizations and businesses that cater to horse lovers. Much like Mutual Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Spirit of a Nation combines the concepts a talk show with that of a documentary. It will utilize both interviews and on scene location events to give the viewers an insiders view of the horse world. More than a travelogue, it will contain segments on current and frequently controversial topics, veterinarian care, and horse related events across the country, while honoring individuals and organizations in the horse world. Spirit of a Nation combines the spontaneity of a talk show with the informational aspects of a documentary.


A semi-scripted series Spirit of a Nation intertwines personable hosts with information that is relevant to the modern day horse lover, giving it a potential to be profitable as well as informative and entertaining.










The hosts will be more than just figureheads. They will also be an integral part of the success of the series. Personable and knowledgeable, the hosts would need to have a positive reputation in the horse world as well as having great interview skills. By keeping the discussion informal and relaxed, the viewers will be more easily drawn into the conversation and thereby more open to the topics being discussed However, they would also need the ability to ask the hard questions, especially in the cases of horse abuse, the Bureau of Land Management, and other controversial topics dealing with the care and protection of horses. For this reason the hosts would need an extensive knowledge of not only horse care, but also the active issues involving the world of horses.


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