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Eye of Ra:

An occult horror

feature film


Loosely based on the myth of how Isis stole power from Ra and gave it to trusted followers to protect and provide for all those on earth. The power passed down through the generation and spread out around the world, but there was always only one keeper. Katherine was born with the power to control the elements and see into the other realms. Her daughter, Sandra, was born with gifts that were complimentary. Her gifts gave her the ability to see and heal others' pain. She could foresee their destinies and give them the courage to embrace their futures Yet, it was not enough. Sandra wanted control over the world and the realms beyond. When her daughters' developed the gifts she craved, Sandra's envy turned to hatred. When a voice from the dark void reached out and asked, “What would you do to have their power. Sandra replied, “Whatever it takes.”


Kidnapped as a child, Rikki is forced to defend her life from her envious mother, who is more than willing to kill to steal her spiritual gifts. Rikki escapes with the help of the followers of the Eye of Ra, who claim her as the new keeper., Enraged, Sandra attacks during Rikki's ascension. Many paid with their lives to complete the ceremony. The guilt overwhelms Rikki. No longer able to directly attack Rikki, Sandra turns her attention on others with powerful gifts, who are more vulnerable. Can Rikki find the strength and courage to once again face her mother and stop her or will Sandra use Rikki's guilt to weaken her to the point that she is unable to save herself or anyone else?


Rikki Warren:

Woman in her late teens. A fractured soul, who has seen the worst and best in life. Emotionally isolated, she believes that to love her or be loved by her is a death sentence.


Michelle Warren:

Woman in her early 20's. Angry and frustrated, she feels both controlled and manipulated by those who claim to love her. She feels like she has lived her life on a ship inside a bottle; her sense of freedom and independence is only an illusion that quickly disappears when she tests the limits.


Sandra Warren:

Seductive, manipulative woman in her 40's. A very wounded soul, who dealt with her pain, fear, and anger by exchanging her role of victim for the roll of victimizer.u.

Richard Warren:

Man in his early 50's. Caught up in a world that is beyond his control and understanding, he lives on the edge between love and hate. Forced to choose between his children, he has lived a life of guilt and regret.



Katherine Stewart:

Woman 65+ year old woman. Believing that no one is beyond true source of Sandra's pain comes from her own inability to stop the evil that her mother brought into the world.

JB (Joseph Bannor):

A 20-something man. Recently returning to Coyote Springs, he has chosen to ignore the missing pieces of his life. Appearing flirty and carefree to others, he keeps moving from one at risk situation to another to avoid yearnings he can't explain and don't understand.

Sheriff Running Elk:

A Native American 30 something man. He knows the evil that haunts Coyote Springs. He has experienced it first hand when his wife disappeared and his son was found ritually sacrificed. He has vowed vengeance on the coven who murdered them.

Supporting Roles


By the book deputy sheriff, whose white bread Disney view of the world was destroyed over a decade before by an investigation that started with a missing


Woman in her mid 20's. Self assured to the point of arrogance, she wants what she wants. If can hurt others in the process, bonus points.



Alicia Whitecrow:

A 40-something Native American Woman. Spiritual woman, who fell in love with Richard, knowing that her life is at risk every moment they spend together.

Natalie Running Elk:

A 30-something Native American Woman. Her greed and obsession with power out weighed her love of her family and traditions. She left with Sandra Warren, leaving her family, including her husband Sheriff Running, to believe that she was sacrificed by the coven.


Carl Bannor:

A 65+ man. Spiritual man with knowledge of the magic, herbs, and healing. He worked to expose the coven and their burial ground to end their reign of terror.

Madeline Whitecrow:

A 65+ Native American woman. A spiritual elder of her Nation with many special gifts.


A 50-something woman. Married to Carl, she was killed saving their grandson, JB

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Featured Extras 


Teenage boy. Edie-May's younger brother and important part of her coven.


A 60-something man. Seeking sexual gratification and great power over others, he swore allegiance to Sandra, only to find himself more a slave than a master.



A 20-something magical mutation of Doug.


A 65+ man of Middle Eastern descentt you.


A 65+ African American woman


A 55+ man

Caroline: A Native American Woman over 40


Lynne: A Native American Woman over 40.


Julia: A 30-some thing Native American Woman


Evelyn: A Native American Woman over 40.


Helena: A Native American Woman over 40.

Young JB:

Teenage version of JB



Young Michelle:

Teenage version of JB


Young Rikki:

8 year old version of Rikki



Margaret Singer:

A 65+ woman. Katherine's grandmother





















teenage girl














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