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Many people use their bio to brag about their professional credits and financial successes.  Those that do have missed the true value of themselves and their journey.  Those who die with the most toys, still die and leave the toys behind.  The only things we take with us are lessons we learned, the love we shared and the results of our actions for good or ill.


n the mid-1990's, I walked away from the entertainment industry. I was burnt out and disillusioned. Instead, I focused on my fiction and my spirituality. Although those years were very healing and fulfilling, there was still something missing.  However, I never lost my love of the film and television industry, but I did lose faith in myself. For a short time, I allowed others to change how I saw my talent. In 2003, I was able to translate my experience into producing digital videos and I started the journey back to being me.


For most of my life, people have been telling me not to try or to give up. They said my goals were impossible--that I couldn't possibly make any of it happen.  But, what they were really saying was that it was impossible for them.  Since they couldn't, I shouldn't even try.   It was too bad and so sad that they empowered their fears and self-doubts instead of finding their own inner courage ignore the negative message.  If you believe you can't, then you can't; yet if you are certain, you can, you can find or make a way to reach your goals.  I changed the punctuation, which modified the message to "I'm possible."  What they didn't understand is that every time they said I couldn't, not only did I prove them wrong,  but I did it so well that they looked foolish for doubting me.


I have come back into the industry much stronger and wiser than before.

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Editing Services

Generating Production Documents

   including script breakdowns, budgets,     and Business Platforms

Promotional Video Services

   Digital social networking commercials

   Book trailers


   Original ideas to script

   Converting books into screenplays

Music Videos



Film and Television pitch videos

Promotional Videos 

Wildlife Micro Documentaries

Heritage Videos

I reached a major bend in the road in 2008. The writing on Days of Our Lives went from bad to worse. Me being me I couldn't just sit by and quietly watch the bad writing destroy one of my favorite shows. Instead, I wrote alternative storylines and posted them on the NBC Days of Our Lives board. I was just trying to be snarky. Most of the responses were positive. Nearly all wanted to read more. So I continued to tell the story until it was finished. As simplistic as it may seem, it was a very important turning point in my life.  (You can read the Days of our Lives script by clicking the Adobe symbol. The PDF file isn’t up to industry standards. But it is just to tell the story. It is not a job presentation. If you are looking to hire me, please contact me directly. I have much better work available.)





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