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.Margaret and George were a team, who used their considerable charms to romanced others out of their fortunes. Margaret marries Samuel to inherit his millions only to learn after his untimely death that the terms of his will bound her to the estate and Samuel's manservant, William James. Changing their strategy, Margaret and George decide to get married. Instead of traveling the world to find new marks, they use the mansion to lure .them into their web. William James reluctantly agrees to help. When he meets Lennetta and Gary, William James realized that he has found who he had been seeking. Manipulating the meeting of the couples, he moves forward with each believing that he is their ally. It is only when their cons come to fruition that they realize he has another agenda.

Executive Producer :

Theresa Chaze   


Director :

 James Myers 

Written by :

Theresa Chaze   




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Margaret- Mid to late fifties

Born into poverty and on the wrong side of the tracks, Margaret quickly learned how to make the most of what little the family-owned. Whether it was charming the many “uncles” who visited her mother or stealing what she needed, she created a new narrative for her life. Reading and the movies were not merely escapism, but how she learned the mannerisms she needed to fit into “polite society”. Like Marilyn Monroe, she knew how to turn her sex appeal on and off when it suited her needs. When she was sixteen, she met and married one of the sons of a wealthy family. They manipulated him into annulling the marriage. Enraged, she fought back by threatening a scandal. They paid her off to shut her up. But she didn't consider the debt fully paid until she broke the boy's nose. She used the money to get an education; she was never going to be taken advantage of again. Her beauty opened doors, but once inside she used what she learned to get what she wanted. She never forgot a kindness, nor failed to exact revenge on those who stood in her way, She passionately lived life on the edge, knowing that everything could be taken away in the next moment. She met her second husband when she went to work for him. A much older man, she made herself invaluable first at work and then in his personal life. When he asked her to marry him, she thought why the hell not? However, when he became unreasonably controlling and violent, she protected herself and he died. His death was ruled an accident, but the polite society and his family blamed her. As George rescued her by waltzing her out onto the dance floor, she knew he was risking his reputation and his friendships. It was the first time anyone put her first.


George-Mid to late fifties

Born in a family that lost nearly everything in the Stock Market crash, he grew up within a family that maintained their elitist attitude but without the finances to back it up. He quickly learned how to manipulate the nuevo rich with his charm, education, and old family connections. They desperately wanted legitimacy and were willing to pay for it. He married for wealth several times and was divorced quickly once he served his purpose. Each time he received a handsome settlement. He attended a party as his third marriage was ending to look for his next wife when he met Margaret. The attraction was immediate. The recently widowed, she drew the scornful looks of the women and lustful ones from the men. The gossip gave it even money to whether she helped her much older husband die and if she would be able to keep the fortune she inherited from him. Watching her stand up for herself, George became captivated by her beauty, her strength, and snarky quick wit. She would not back down even when cornered by her late husband's family. George rescued her by asking her to dance. By the time the music ended, they were a couple

William James   

William James Mid to late fifties

Born during times when homosexuals were murdered without consequences, William and Samuel fell in love. A truly bonded pair, their relationship was based on mutual respect and honesty. Born to families of means, they acted like international playboys who courted women around the world, making sure their sexual conquests were well witnessed to give the rumor mill plenty to gossip about to distract from their close friendship, but at night they always returned to each other. When the families complained or became suspicious, one of them would make a big show of becoming engaged, yet they never made it to the altar.  When the fake relationships and engagements no longer quashed the rumors, Samuel married Margaret.   Initially, the situation worked for all of them.  Margaret’s knowledge and connections helped their company flourish.  As long as Margaret and George kept their affair secret, everyone was satisfied.  However, when they deliberately made infidelity public, Samuel took steps to make George disappear.  William James knew it was a mistake.  Samuel refused to listen. He tried to convince Margaret to be patient; he would have been able to convince Samuel to let her go.    Frustrated, Samuel and William James restructured their finances to make it appear that George was embezzling. With most of the funds carefully hidden, Samuel prepares to file for divorce and prosecute George. However, Samuel suddenly died. His will’s terms trapped Margaret and forced William to share the estate that he and Samuel had designed.  Contesting the will could expose their secrets, including the bulk of the assets that Samuel and he had hidden. Maintaining the pretense of being the butler, William plots his revenge


Lennette- Late twenties to early thirties

Born to moderate wealth, she received an Ivy League education. Focusing on business and law, she refused to accept the status quo of women's roles in the 1950s. Her renegade behavior caused her to be disowned by her family many times. However, she was able to manipulate her way back into the family's good graces until she refused to marry the man they chose for her. When they forced the issue, she walked away from them. Instead, she used the family's connections to set up cons that were just legal enough to keep her from being prosecuted, but scandalous enough to embarrass her family. It was how she met Gary. He was the only person who took her seriously, giving her the respect that she always wanted but never received. They became matched bookend of cons.


Gary-Late twenties to early thirties

The devil may care about the consequences, but Gary doesn't. The greater the risk, the more he is unable to resist the challenge. Never about winning or accolades, Gary pushed the limits to see how far he could go and still escape death. His motto was “Live fast. Die hard. Leave a good-looking corpse.” Lennette challenges him to be more and do more. At first, her Mary Poppins attitude annoyed him. Which amused her to no end. She would tease and taunt him into finding the rainbow in the clouds. It is one of the reasons he becomes completely enamored with her. Initially, he started working the cons with her to finance his daredevil adventures. However, as he learns more about her, he falls in love with her idealistic vision of the future. She gave him hope that life was worth living; she became his Achilles heel which made him care about living.


Cheryl.  Late teens to early twenties

A pragmatist, she fully understands the limitations placed on women in the 1950s and what they must do to have any power and control in their lives.  She does her best to control her much younger sister, Lynne's enthusiasm for ferreting out spies and solving crimes. Lynne's antics are a mixed blessing; they keep attention away from her rejection of male suitors, but they are also frequently embarrassing. Although she was sad to see Karen's marriage fail, she is very happy to have her best friend back in her life.




With the natural curiosity and lack of censorship of her age, the pre-teen Nancy Drew is always on the prowl, looking for a mystery to solve and a spy to catch. She looks at life as if it is a puzzle to be solved and she is the one to do it.  Forthright and honest to a fault, she speaks her mind and asks the questions that most find inappropriate in polite society.  A surprise child born late in their parent's life, she took advantage of their inability to keep up with her.    Cheryl’s attempts to civilize her into a proper lady had mixed results; Although Lynne learned quickly and easily, the lessons she learned were not the ones they were trying to teach her.


Karen-Late teens to early twenties

Disillusioned after her failed marriage, Cheryl moves back to her parents' home to manage the family store.  However, unlike her mother, Karen refuses to let others take credit for her ideas and hard work. She was a troubled, teen-a wild child that grew into a young woman, who is determined to make up for her past mistakes. Yet as hard as she tries to fit in, she is still a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Would-be a feminist, she understands Lynne and acts as a buffer between the sisters.


Walter-50-something man

In his daughters, Cheryl and Lynne, he sees the fracturing of this world and the unraveling of what he believes.   Lynne flagrantly disregards society’s expectations.  Willful and tenacious, her boasts of becoming the first female FBI agent has made him a laughingstock of the town.  He doesn’t have the energy to keep up with her.   Instead of taming her younger sister, Cheryl has become bolder and more defiant. Her rejection of every suitor that he and the members of his “social club” introduced to her, caused him a great deal of embarrassment.  Unable to control his daughters, Walter is determined to restore the social norm, which gave dominance to white, Christian men like himself.


Wallylate twenties to early thirties African American Marine


A highly decorated WWII hero, he arrives at the lighthouse to fulfill the promise to his grandfather.  However, it’s only after he covers the bones of the man, who saved his grandfather’s life does he understand why going there was so important to his grandfather. Saying a prayer and removing the mezuzah, he vows to expose the murderer.

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