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Never Can Say Good-bye:

       A Paranormal thriller

  When love is forever, death is only the beginning

Imprisoned in her family's home, the spirit of a murdered child waits for her parents to free her. But they have moved on to new lives as has her killer. Randi must bring them back together, so that they can forgive themselves and make amends. If she succeeds, they will all heal and she will be freed to also reincarnate. If she fails, their need for revenge will damn them all.

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Harry Manfredini

Soundtrack Composer


Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

Honky-Tonk Boogie

Written and composed by Bill Hayes

Sung by: Tyana Parr and Bill Hayes

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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You showed me the way

Written by
Nick Magnus and Dick Foster
Sung by Linda John-Pierre

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Wrong side of Love

Written by
Nick Magnus and Dick Foster
Sung by Petrina Johnson

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Sun after Rain

Written by
Nick Magnus and Dick Foster
Sung by Peter Howarth

Michigan had been known for the forests that seemed to be endless as they reached up toward heaven. They made millionaires out of paupers. By the 1950's the virgin forests had become scarce. Those who exploited the bounty learned that their wealth was not perpetual as they were forced to follow the treeline as it rapidly moved northward.


Sara Jane and Randolph met and fell in love. Several years older, Randolph work for her father, James.On a scouting trip, Randolph found the last and greatest track of standing timber. Determined to give Sara Jane the same high standard of life, Randolph did the unthinkable and claimed the large tract of old growth forest for himself, instead of James Enraged, James made him a pariah in the community. Only Sarah Jane and her mother stood by him. James forbid the marriage. Loving each other more than they feared him they eloped. As their happiness grew, so did his hatred, which cascaded into a series of events that caused Sara Jane's death and the murder of his granddaughter, Randi. Before Randolph could exact his revenge, he too was murdered


Death freed them, but not their daughter Trapped alone in the bedroom where Sara Jane died, Randi waits for her parents to return and free her. There is one who knows and protects the house that keeps Randi safe from disappearing into the void forever. But there is one who will not stop until the last remnant of Sara Jane and Randolph's love is destroyed.



Michael arrives in town to rekindle his relationship with Lynne. A series of coincidences leads him to the Bellows House and its history of murder, betrayal, and suicide. He knows it's all lies. He is certain the answers he seeks will only be found behind the wall that hides in the bedroom where Sara Jane died. When Michael meets Randolph Bellow's granddaughter Shane, he thinks he found the love that has haunted his dreams for most of his life. Against the advice of others, Michael and Shane marry. Believing his request will be refused, Shane agrees to move into the Bellows House. Amanda shocks the town by giving her blessing for the couple to move in. Michael is ecstatic. Furious, Shane tries to manipulate Michael into moving out until she realizes that fate has given her the opportunity to finish what she started.


Elizabeth reluctantly agrees to teach a writing course at a small college. Arriving in town, she instantly regrets her decision as she meets people and places that awaken memories that she doesn't understand. By the time she realizes what is happening, it is too late to run as she comes face to face with the murderer of her child and the man, who she believes betrayed her.


Michael finally finds the room and rips off the wall that had concealed it for decades. Opening the door initiates a cascade of events that sends the past and the present on an unavoidable collision course. If they can forgive the past, Randi will be saved and freed to also reincarnate. If they seek the revenge they were denied in the past, they will all be damned and Randi will be lost in the void forever.



Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Sara Jane's Lullaby

Written , composed and sung by John Bergstrom

Voodoo Mama

Written and sun by Suz Tyler 

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in memoriam
Bill Hays
A talented singer, actor, and songwriter.

I was over the moon when you agree to play Daniel. I wish I had been able to find the resources in time for us to work togehter.

Our Characters/Cast

 Elizabeth- 50-60 years old any ethnic background

Elizabeth is a soul, who incarnated too quickly. In doing so, she brought back the anger, betrayal, and need for revenge that she felt in her previous life as Sara Jane. Although she doesn't consciously remember the past, the deeply embedded distrust of love has been poisoning her present life. Emotionally numb, she has built an emotional castle around herself, in which no one is allowed to enter.  Only through the characters in her novels, is she able to feel emotion.  The common theme in her novels is that of righteous women exacting revenge. Arriving in Coyote Springs, the old memories and emotions overwhelm her as people and places seem familiar, bringing with them the rage that was spawned by the betrayal.


Daniel: A man in his seventies or above

As a teenager, he witnessed Sara Jane and Randolph’s wedding, their love, and the grief that nearly killed Randolph.  He also knows many of the Ramsdell and Bellow's family secrets, including the murders that changed both families’ destinies.  Although he cares very deeply for Amanda, he knows she will never let him close enough for the relationship to develop. 


Michael: A 45-50 any ethnic background.


Built like a lumberjack, Michael is the reincarnation of Randolph.  A scholar and researcher of Historical Archelogy, Michael was known for his attention to detail and fact-checking, which gave him a reputation of being a pain in the ass.  However, he radically changed after he moved to Coyote Springs, His obsessive search for historical truth was replaced by a desperate need to know everything about Sara Jane and Randolph Bellows.  Although he had always been passionate about life—he loved deeply, but never for long. There has always been a missing piece – a part of the relationship that didn’t fit or didn’t fulfill the longing or loneliness. When he met Shane, she felt familiar and he thought he had found who he had been looking for. As he learns the true nature of her heart, he realizes that she is not the person he thought she was.  He has made the same mistake. He has to decide between rekindling the love’s passion or being consumed by the flames of revenge.

Amanda:  70+ woman

On the surface, Amanda has led an exemplary life.   The community saw her as a pillar, who spoke her mind like a gunslinger shooting from the hip.  Her words were frequently as deadly to overblown egos.  She used her time, energy, and wealth to keep Coyote Springs progressively moving forward economically and socially.  However, as much others loved and respected her, even her quirky attachment to Sara Jane and Randolph’s home and her belief in the paranormal, they only saw the persona that she chose to show them.  She hid her guilt and regret for allowing her fear to stop her.   She has lived her life unjustly feeling guilty for other people's actions. Over the years, she has isolated herself, because she was led to believe that to love her or to be loved her was a death sentence for the other person. Although a stroke has slowed her down, it will not stop her from making right what her fear made wrong.

Judy:  50ish woman who looks like she could be related to Amanda.

Although she comes off as a hard-ass controlling bitch, she is a wounded soul—an abused child that her mother used to control and manipulate her father, Randolph.   She did her best to protect her younger siblings only for them to see her as manipulative and controlling as Audrey.  She doesn’t understand their resentment.  She took the brunt of the abuse, including keeping silent when their older sister disappeared.  By then, she had become very good at keeping secrets.  Eventually, her whole world twisted into an unnatural flip.  Audrey was a loving mother who protected them from the evil ghost.  Her older sister never existed.  Their father wasn’t murdered.  He died suddenly, leaving nearly all his wealth to Amanda, a woman who despised them and who forced them to leave their home.  If her mother hadn’t married James, they would have starved.  Upon Audrey’s death, Judy vowed to continue her crusade to destroy Amanda and Sara Jane’s legacy.

Elaine: 40–a 50-year-old woman of any ethnic background.  

Long time companion of Amanda, she could be mistaken for an Army drill sergeant when it comes to protecting and standing up to Amanda.  She knows what Amanda knows.  Their closeness has led to gossip.  Some believe their relationship is more sexual than employer-employee.  Others believe that Elaine is Amanda’s daughter, that she gave up for adoption after Leonard refused to marry her and disappeared.

Lynne Lowry



Shane: late 20s/early 30’s woman who is Judy’s niece. The actress must have a strong singing voice.

Audrey reincarnated, she is sensual, insecure, and quick-tempered to the point of instability.  She uses her beauty and her family’s resources to get out of the trouble created by her jealousy and irrational behavior.  Jefferson and she grew up together.  Accepting her for the good, bad, and ugly, he alone defended her and her actions.  Together they created the band, Audrey and the Lumbermen.   More than a passion, music calms her soul and gives her peace.  Performing sets all her insecurities aside.  She is the mistress of her destiny with a power that no one can take from her.  The audiences expect and encourage her outlandish behavior.    When Audrey’s memories return, she becomes determined to destroy her enemies, including Randolph/Michael. She wants what she wants and doesn’t care who she has to hurt or what she has to do to get it.


Jefferson: late 20s/early 30’s man of any ethnic background.  The actor must have a strong singing voice.

Jefferson and Shane grew up together. They are two halves of a whole. He had a calming effect on her just as she fulfilled his need for pain.  The more she hurt him, the more he loved her.   Their mutual love of music strengthened their bond.  However, while it was her passion, he sang for fun and the love of her.  He loved the sciences, especially the ecological and sustainability of the biodiversity of forests.   He left Coyote Springs to finish his Masters. They planned to marry when he returned.  While he was gone, Michael came to town. Before he could return, Shane had married him. Hurt and angry, Jefferson will not give up on their love.  He knows it will not last because he will not allow it.

Randolph: late 20s/early 30s man.   

He loves and hates very deeply. He finds his soul mate in Sara Jane and she in him.  They give up everything to be together.  When she dies giving birth to their daughter, his initial reaction is to follow her, but his love for their daughter prevents him from committing suicide. Their love prevents Sara Jane’s spirit from moving on without t him. Audrey refuses to become Randi’s wet nurse unless he marries her. He reluctantly agrees to marry her with the understanding that it will never be more than marriage in name only.  When she starts asking for more, he plans to divorce her only to wake up feeling ill and Audrey beside him in bed.  She claims they made love.  Weeks later, she announces she is pregnant. Guilt-ridden, Randolph confesses to Sara Jane’s ghost.  He can’t abandon his child.  When he learns the truth about Audrey’s infidelity, he uses her past to remove her from their lives.  In retaliation, Audrey murders Randi.  Randolph first blames himself. His grief and guilt become an uncontrollable rage. Before he can exact revenge, he is killed by Audrey and her lover, James

Sean Harmon



Sara Jane: 20something woman 

Sara Jane, Amanda, and their older brother, James Jr. lived a charmed life.  Their family owned one of the largest lumber mills in Michigan and controlled large tracts of virgin old-growth forest.    Her parents’ love was that of legends.  She never understood until she met Randolph. To provide for her, Randolph broke tradition and claimed the largest tract of virgin forest for himself, instead of her father, making him a social outcast.  Enraged, James forbade the marriage.    Sara Jane and her mother, Rachel, used their influence to redeem Randolph.  James was relenting until Rachel suddenly died.  Grief-stricken, James blames Randolph. Sara Jane and Randolph elope.  Their happiness only serves to strengthen James’ hatred.    Sara Jane goes into labor.  Unable to reach Randolph, she calls Audrey for help.  James intercedes.  By the time the doctor arrives, there is nothing he can do.  Sara Jane’s love keeps her earth-bound.  When she is unable to save her daughter, her love becomes hatred and a need for revenge as she is led to believe that Randolph fell in love with Audrey and helped murder their child.

Niki Cipriano



Randi:  6-7 year old Sara Jane and Randolph's daughter

While alive her heart has been filled with guilt over his mother's death by Audrey. After her death, she is determined to fix what her existence broke. She exchanges places with her mother's ghost and becomes trapped in the family home. The actress playing this role must look 7-8 years old as well as be able to handle the amount of dialogue and the strong emotions.

Audrey: 20-something woman

When her mother vanished when she was 10, her father forced her to replace her both in his bed and to the men he pimped her out. to. Each time she became pregnant, it was terminated.    At sixteen, she became too old to keep him and his special clients interested.  He turned to her younger sister. Audrey murdered him.   She and her sister escaped, traveling northward.  To provide for them, Audrey serviced the lumberjacks.  When she again learned she was pregnant, she manipulated a client into believing she loved him.  So after giving birth, she learns that a wealthy lumber baron needs a wet nurse for his newborn daughter.  Her husband prevents her from leaving.  She murders him.  Her sister saves the newborn by promising to leave and never return. Audrey agrees and leaves.   Audrey doesn’t so much fall in love with Randolph as much as she loves the money and respectability being married to him gives her.  Fearing that when she is no longer needed, he will divorce her, she tries to seduce him.   Failing, she gaslights him into believing that they made love while he was drunk.  Her love quickly turns to jealousy and hatred towards Randolph, Sara Jane, and their daughter.  Audrey works with James to destroy and murder the man they both hate. 

"Featured extras (Speaking roles)

Walter Reed a man over 25 of any ethnic background


Rachael Ramsdel a woman over 40 Sara Jane and Amanda's mother


James Bellows a man over 40, father of Sara Jane and Amanda


Dr. Baker over  a man over  30


Instructor 1  any age, gender,or ethnic background


Instructor 2 any age, gender,or ethnic background


Hotel Clerk any age, gender,or ethnic background


Police Officer 1  any ethnic background and gender over the age of 25


Police Officer 2 any ethnic background and gender over the age of 25


Five-member Band any ethnic background and gender over the age of 25


Two Loggers  (stunts)   men  over 20 any

ethnic background


Young Caretaker a none speaking role  that needs to look like a young Bill Hayes

Fisherman 1 and 2  any age, gender or ethnic background.

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